Feedlot Comparison Blue-E vs Angus

Coota Park Blue-E has been evolving and scientifically improving its genetics over the past 20 years. The significant investment in the Blue-E product has culminated in an independent evaluation across 4 key measurables.

Steers fed for Jack’s Creek at Smithfield… Continue reading

Improving Feed Efficiency

through Genetic Selection and Management Strategies to Improve Overall Herd Efficiency

Jon Wright (Coota Park Blue-E)

The theme for today’s seminar is “Efficiency of Production” and I have been invited to talk about our operation on “Coota Park” at Woodstock… Continue reading

Breeder Management

An over-sized heifer at joining and calving is not only unnecessary and inefficient, but can create a higher-maintenance, more costly breeding herd in the future. Continue reading