Feed Efficiency Testing

Efficiency testing facility

Efficiency testing facility

Coota Park Blue-E has built its own on-farm Efficiency Testing Facility. This 48 pen facility allows recording of the intake of each bull on a daily basis.

The total amount of feed eaten for the test is recorded as well as the total amount of weight put on during the test. These two figures then go to producing an efficiency figure.

The test is a 70 day test with a 21 day adjustment period. The diet is a high protein, lower energy diet that allows the bulls to grow at a satisfactory rate without being detrimental to the overall well being and longevity of the bull.

• Grassfed
• Performance Recorded
• Efficiency Tested
• Fertility Tested

The bulls are tested post weaning after a short adjustment time. Our policy is to test all bulls for sale. Testing at this age enables us to let the bulls down after testing and before selling to clients and to use these bulls in our breeding program, thus giving us quick generation turn over and faster genetic gain.
Coota Park has tested over 800 cattle to date and has more confidence of the real merits in feed conversion than ever.

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