Feedlot Comparison Blue-E vs Angus

Coota Park Blue-E has been evolving and scientifically improving its genetics over the past 20 years. The significant investment in the Blue-E product has culminated in an independent evaluation across 4 key measurables.

Steers fed for Jack’s Creek at Smithfield Cattle Company’s Sapphire Feedlot at Goondiwindi. 120-day feedlot period, total carcase evaluation and MSA grading. (164 Blue-E steers compared to 316 Angus Brand steers fed on same diet at same time.)


Blue-E steers marbled on par with Angus Brand steers, fulfilling all meat quality requirements to ensure the quality and consistency in consumers eating experience.


Blue-E steers converted 13% better than Angus Brand steers (Blue-E steers 5:1 and Angus Brand steers 5.77:1)

Blue-E steers grew 14% faster than Angus Brand steers (Blue-E steers 2.19kg/day and Angus Brand steers 1.92kg/day)

Financial Return

Blue-E steers had a 58% increased return on investment.

Blue-E steers were $74 per head more profitable.

Reducing methane whilst maintaining production

Methane production is directly related to feed intake; hence we have reduced methane production by 13% for the same level of production. Blue-E steers were younger hence less days alive as well.