Females for Blue-E Program

We have predominantly used Shorthorns as our female base for the following reasons:-

  • Meat quality
  • Growth
  • Maternal traits
  • Structural soundness
  • Maturity Pattern
Grassfed * Performance Recorded * Fertility Tested * Efficiency Tested

Coota Park purchased Shorthorn females from various quality herds around the country to form the base of the Blue-E breeding program. The studs were:-

  • Sprys Shortnhorns (Wagga NSW)
  • Dunbeacon Poll Shorthorns (Upper Horton NSW)
  • The Grove Shorthorns (Condamine Qld)
  • Polldale Shorthorns (Dubbo NSW)
  • Nero Shorthorns (Condobolin NSW)
  • Wee Jasper Station (Wee Jasper NSW)
  • Deltroit Station (Jugiong NSW)

Females have been inseminated each year with Angus semen selected from throughout the world. Females are run under strict commercial conditions and culled according to commercial production traits.

We will continue to introduce Shorthorn genetics into the Blue-E herd over time