Meet the Team

“Blue-E is a 50% Angus x 50% Shorthorn Composite”



Jonathan Wright (B.Ag.Sc)
Harvey Wright

Partnership of Family Operation

Harvey Wright
Jonathan Wright
Matthew Wright
Nicholas Wright

“Coota Park Blue-E is producing powerful production-based bulls that offer quality & reliability”


Farm Management Team

Jonathan Wright
Nick Hovey (Assistant Manager)

Cattle Marketing Consultant

Chris Callow

Breeding Consultant

Dick Whale
Independent Breeding Services

Marketing Consultant

OGA Creative Agency


We are a mixed farming operation in Woodstock NSW Australia that has chosen to focus on beef cattle breeding and production – under strict commercial conditions.



2017 Sale Information

On-Property Production Sale

  • 5th September 2017
  • 55 Bulls
  • 20 Cows and calves