AI0E2a023The Angus breed was selected to be the sire input into the program for:

  • The invaluable performance recording history
  • The high meat quality attributes
  • The availability of many sires with high accuracy and extensive performance information and multi-trait nature of breed

“Blue is the new Black”

The selection of sires has been on a multi-trait basis – trying to ensure that the bulls we are putting into the program are high accuracy. We have used Dick Whale as an aid in the selection of sires; as well as the strong use of EBV’s.

These are the bulls that we have used since the inception of the Blue-E program – combining some of the best genetics available in the world – selected to combine with the Shorthorn breed and to develop the multi–trait cattle we desired.

Sires Introduced to Coota Park

1997 GT MaximumTemania Kelp K207VDAR Lucys Boy
1998 Glenoch MegaforceN Bar Emulation EXTArdrossan Jackson
1999 New Design 036Easy FortuneArdrossan Reinforce
2000 Basin Max 602CJLB Exacto 416Travell 234-DGardens EXT 4137
2001 Ardrossan ReinforceRockn D Ambush
2002 PARB Design Plus 97Dunoon Reagan
2003 RP 3rd BushwackerGardens Highmark
2004 Millah Murrah Woody W100Ardrossan Direction W109Gardens Highmark
2005 Millah Murrah Woody W100Hyline Right Time 338BT TouchdownIngleton Uncle Tom U29 (Shorthorn)Trevino Ultimate 2nd (Shorthorn)
2006 BT Right Time 24JHA Power Alliance 1025CJH Super Bright W023 (Shorthorn)Royalla Exterminator (Shorthorn)Hyline Right Time 338

Crusader Of Stern

Trevino Ultimate (Shorthorn)Weebollabolla Theodore T85

2007 Due to the drought we did not artificially inseminate any cows this year
2008 Broughton Park Senator (Shorthorn)Lawsons Dinky-Di Z191
2009 Nichols Extra K205 (Angus)SitzN Design 458N (Angus)Yamburgan Lockyer C8 (Shorthorn)
2010 Sires BT Right Time 24JTemania Infinity
2011 Sires TC Franklin 619Silveras M811 Total 6103
2012 Sires TC Franklin 619B/R New Day 454

We also used bulls from the following herds:

  • Rimfire Angus
  • Noonee Angus
  • Millah Murrah Angus
  • Talooby Angus
  • Kenny Creek
  • Booramooka


We will continue to introduce new Angus genetics into the Blue-E program

Androssan Direction W109 introduced in 2004

B T Right Time 24J introduced in 2006

Hyline Right Time 338 introduced in 2006

H A Power Alliance 1025 introduced in 2006

Gardens Highmark introduced in 2004

Millah Murrah Woody W100 introduced in 2004